About six months have passed since Joe and Jill Biden entered the White House. Now, in a Jill cover interview for Vogue magazine, the two talked about the change in their relationship following the presidency

Photo: Shay Franco, Reuters

While Donald and Melania Trump have been regular guests with us at Mako Celebs, Joe and Jill Biden are producing fewer outrageous headlines. Now, just before they close for the first half year at the White House, the presidential couple conducted a special interview with Vogue magazine, talking about the crazy year in their lives.

“We try to make time for each other,” revealed 70-year-old Dr. Jill Biden. “Sometimes it can only be for dinner. We sit on the porch, light candles, put the phone aside and talk. “Joe, as opposed to Jill, chose to rant to the interviewer.” I miss her, “he said.” I’m really proud of her, but it’s not that we can do what That we want as before. We used to go on a romantic vacation once a month to be with each other. “

Jill Biden (Photo: Shay Franco, Reuters)
Not like before. Joe and Jill Biden | Photo: Shay Franco, Reuters

Jill Vogue’s cover comes after Melania claimed over the years that Vogue magazine would never invite her to a cover story. “I do not put a shit on Vogue or any other magazine,” she was quoted as saying in a recording released by her former assistant, Stephanie Winson Wolkoff. “They won’t put me on their gate anyway.”

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