‘The good boss’, favorite for the Film Writers Circle awards with 13 nominations

‘The good boss’, the movie of Fernando Leon de Aranoa starring Javier Bardem, will be the favorite in the 77th edition of the awards of the Film Writers Circle of Spain (CEC) thanks to its thirteen candidatures, as the association has pointed out.

The film also opts for the main categories such as Best Film, Best Direction and Best Original Screenplay, as well as Best Actor for Javier Bardem.

The thirteen nominations to the CEC are added to the 20 that the film has obtained at the Goya Awards 2022 –record number of nominations– and the film has also been selected by the Film Academy to represent Spain at the 94th edition of the Oscars.

This film is followed in CEC nominations ‘Maixabel’, with eight candidates, ‘Love instead’ with seven and ‘Parallel mothers’, with six.

All of them, except Almodóvar’s film, will opt for best film along with ‘The laws of the border’ Y ‘Liberty‘. The reading and awards ceremony is scheduled for Monday, February 7, starting at 7:00 p.m.

By Editor