The definitive agreement for the Carmen Thyssen collection to remain in Spain will be signed on February 9

The collection will be on the ground floor of the museum and will house more than 180 pieces from the collection

The final agreement for the Carmen Thyssen collection stays in Spain will be signed on February 9 at the Thyssen Museum, sources from the Ministry of Culture have confirmed to Europa Press.

The agreement provides that the collection stays in Spain for a period of 15 years and with the inclusion of ‘Mata Mua’ by Paul Gauguin, which left the museum in June two years ago and is one of the most important works in the collection. His return to Spain has been an essential condition for the signing of the agreement, which provides for the payment of 6.5 million euros per year for fifteen years.

Last July 2021, the agreement between both parties was announced so that the collection would stay in Spain. Since then, It has been waiting to close the firm although, both from Culture and from the baroness’s environment, they assured that it was in the absence of “closing fringes”.

This agreement would put an end to nine years of extensions of the loan that Baroness Thyssen-Bornemisza had agreed with the State in 2002 and that had to be extended every few months. This would bring about the reunion of the two collections, that of Baron Hans Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza and that of Baroness Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza.

The director of the Thyssen-Bornesmiza National Museum, Guillermo Solana, already announced in mid-December that he hoped to open the floor that houses the works of the collection to the public this January, once the agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Sports was signed. .

The collection will be on the ground floor of the museum, in the rooms that until now were used for works from the 20th century, and will house a number of more than 180 pieces from the Carmen Thyssen collection.

Solana admitted, during the presentation of the exhibition ‘American Art in the Thyssen Collection‘, that the museum was not “concerned” about this delay, as it went “on schedule”. In fact, he pointed out that the opening of theaters would be “in the next few weeks”, to specify later that January is the month planned for it, although “without a specific date”.

With agreements like this between a large collector and the State, it takes a lot of detail and time: it is easier to establish the political will of both parties, as has happened, that the details, that the devil loads them as they say. But we are not worried”, then defended the director of the art gallery.

In fact, Solana clarified that the Thyssen Board of Trustees has already given the “green light” to close the contracting services, so that in the coming weeks the file may be started and the rooms already installed open.

“We could have the presentation in the next few weeks, in January I calculate, although there is no set date. Tita is very enthusiastic about the act and finally being able to show the collection to the public, there is a lot of desire”, he stressed, advancing that both Baroness Thyssen and her son, Borja Thyssen, and the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, would be present at that act.

Solana also acknowledged that he has “no news” of the works ‘Race Horses in a Landscape’, by Degas and ‘Martha Mckeen of Wellfleet’, by Hopper, which left the warehouse more than a year ago together with ‘Mata Mua’ and it had not been clarified if they would finally be exhibited in the collection.

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