Bunbury announces his return to the stage with five concerts in America for 2023

The musician, who returns with his new album ‘Greta Garbo’, advocates “not regulating everything”: “There are too many laws, half are left over”

The singer Enrique Bunburywho publishes this Friday, May 26, a new album ‘Greta Garbo’ (Warner), has announced in an interview with Europa Press his return to the stage, after a temporary withdrawal, for this year, where he will offer five concerts in different countries of America, and subsequently another five in 2024 in cities not yet specified.

I guess I’m not the same, stopping touring has given me a lot of free time. The last year was difficult and there is always something of you that dies and you definitely leave behind. I also think that it is impossible to be the same all the time, because the ages we go through make us see different perspectives and life gives you joy and blows”, explained the musician from Zaragoza.

Bunbury announced in February 2022 his retirement from the stage due to health problems, although he hoped to continue his creative activity of composition, recording or writing. “What was normally a pleasure and delight has become a source of immense pain and suffering.“Bunbury explained then on his social networks.

Now with this new album, the former leader of HĂ©roes del Silencio has explained that most of the songs on the album were composed during that period in which he had to cancel all commitments “for the problem with Glycol from the smoke from the stage“.

I had to stop dead and decided to quit touring and that led me to think that I broke a very important bond with my fans.. Eye contact and meeting. That’s how I felt that proximity to the Greta Garbo syndrome, who left acting at the age of 36 and I think those reflections cut through the album,” she said.

For example, one of those reflections occurs in the song ‘Correct the world with a song’, with which Bunbury speaks “more of one’s own world than of the planet we live on”. “Entering the game a bit and noting that I am not a politician and that leaving the controls and power to myself is like leaving me in charge of designing the next NASA spacecraft, I am going to try to answer this idea.“He has joked in relation to what he would correct.


“Surely one of the first things I would do if I were in my hands and reach, would be to limit the power of governments and supranational institutions, as well as prevent great fortunes from controlling, via financing, the parties and the media of communication”, he pointed out, before proposing a reduction in taxes.

“And of course, lower taxes for citizens. With all this, it is quite complicated for someone from the government itself to do it, we would live better and limit the abuse of power, I have no doubtbut that is not proposed by a politician, nor fed up with whiskey”, he ironized.


Bunbury has not helped himself to the effects of psilocybin to compose on this occasion, something he did do for the writing of the collection of poems ‘MicroDosis’. In any case, the musician has begun to analyze issues such as the regulation of certain narcotics. “Not only do I not like to think about legislating, it seems inappropriate to me. There are too many laws and half are left over, at least“, he has defended.

“It is not necessary to regulate everything. A bit of civil and individual responsibility, there is nothing else and the interference of governments even in the soup, only leads us to the dictatorship of what is correct and to live stiff. Let me be a little wrong, come on, maybe I’m right“, he joked.

For Bunbury, ‘Greta Garbo’ isn’t the most special album, but he does recognize that it is a return to the personal. “In recent years she had published some albums with a social theme, with an outside look at the world that surrounds us and we have had to live. ‘Greta Garbo’ is the most personal album of the last ones that I have released, that without a doubt, because I wanted to show the emotional ups and downs that I went through during the first months of 2022″, it is finished.

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