In 60 thousand tomorrow for Springsteen at the Circus Maximus

The controversy on social media about the opportunity to hold the concert in Ferrara anyway did not stop the organizational machine which now, after the stage in the Este city, brings Bruce Springsteen tomorrow night at Circus Maximus in the heart of Rome.

AND everything is ready: artists, technicians and staff. The big stage has been assembled, the 200 specialized workers who arrived from the USA and were already at work in Ferrara have also completed the work in the capital.

The last works are completed in Rome

Now we only work at sound part to finalize the connections with the control room which, in the center of the Circus Maximus, will control the lights tomorrow and set up the final sound-check, a no less delicate phase – indeed perhaps the most delicate once the stage assembly is finished – because it determines the control audio settings and then balance the volumes and frequencies that will accompany the event.

It therefore expects the“assault” of the 60,000 who managed to get their hands on the precious entrance ticket that will allow them to attend the concert, second stage – after the one that took place on Thursday evening at the ‘Bassani Urban Park in Ferrara, from the three Italian stages inserted in the world tour of The Boss.

After Rome Springsteen will sing in Monza

After Rome it will be the turn of the Autodromo di Monza – Parco della Gerascia, Tuesday 25 July, and that will be the last European leg of the tour, when The Boss will then fly over the Atlantic again to continue in America on yet another triumphal ride in his career.

Springsteen hasn’t performed in Rome for 7 years, the last time was always at the Circus Maximus, a place now chosen as a location of historical value even for artists of our days.

And it will certainly be the same tomorrow, when at 2 pm there will be the public opening of the concert area, divided into two sectors (Pit and Posto Unico), each with its own services, both refreshment points with food and drinks, and toilets.

At 16.30 on stage the supporting artists: first The White Buffalo, which constitutes the musical project of the American singer-songwriter Jake Smith and a much loved band on the international music scene, followed at 5.45 pm by Sam Fender, one of the most promising and successful young English singer-songwriters of recent years as well as winner of a Brit Award in 2022 in the Best British Alternative/Rock Act category.

At 19.30 on stage at the Circus Maximus

And at 19,30 on stage The Boss and the E Street Band. An appointment that Springsteen arrives at accompanied by quite a few controversy for the fact that Thursday evening in Ferrara he did not mention the flood emergency in Emilia Romagna, and also in the Marches, which devastated entire communities, also causing deaths as well as enormous damage to the economic and entrepreneurial fabric.

The story also ended up in the international press, but social media in particular acted as a megaphone at first for requests for someone at an institutional level to stop the concert, considering, moreover, that the cancellation of tomorrow’s Formula One Grand Prix had already been announced at Imola, and then to the convictions because nothing had been done instead.

But also the megaphone of those who believe that the final decision is not up to the artist. And it must be said that the concert was held not because The Boss demanded it anyway, but because there was precisely an institutional go-ahead, a commission assessed that there were the conditions to kick off free, that the system set up would not take away resources, including human resources, from rescue operations in other Emilia-Romagna provinces.

Green light to The Boss from Minister Piantedosi

Assurance in this sense then came from the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, who specified that the local authorities considered the concert sustainable from a logistical point of view and that the Ferrarese was in any case out of the serious meteorological event.

While in turn the mayor of the capital of Este, Alan Fabbri, underlined in a statement released to the press that “no one could have ever imagined such a moment when, two years ago, the foundations were being laid for this concert”, a event so complex that “it cannot foresee postponements or cancellations after involving thousands of workers, and which sees thousands of tourists from all over the world converge in the city, who have bought a plane ticket, a hotel room for several days and they have been organizing for a long time to reach us”.

The mayor of Ferrara: stopping a concert doesn’t solve anything

Fabbri also said he was sorry for the fact that someone might have thought that not having canceled the concert means that Ferrara has remained insensitive to the tragedy of those hours in Romagna, noting that stopdoes not solve anything, if not to create other economic damage to territories, workers and companies that have invested large sums for the realization of the event, and because it is a level of demagoguery that does not belong to me”.

A necessary highlight, in the opinion of the mayor of Ferrara, because “in Italy there is still – he added in his statement – a part of public opinion that thinks that the world of events is not a sector equal to the others, that it can calmly do without, and by virtue of this it can be sacrificed on any occasion”. In reality, those of the entertainment world, and in particular of live, “they are companies and people who have suffered more than all other categories the weight of two years of covid restrictionsand it’s a pity that someone today has already forgotten it”.

He therefore rejected the sender’s purely ideological positions, and the attacks of opponents who “are forced to exploit once again tragedies like these, which do not see me responsible in any way, to tarnish the good name of my work and of the city”. when instead “all music, and even more so at these levels, has the great power to unite peoples and sensibilities from every part of the world”.

In any case, the city of Ferrara immediately made an important gesture ‘by adopting, also making a first cash donation, the Municipality of Faenza one of the hardest hit by the flood, “to actively demonstrate all our solidarity”.

It has also been complained on social media that perhaps The Boss could have said something from the stage in support of the flooded populations, but here too the reply – again via social media – of those who think differently was clear: keep the fields separate, which does not equate to say disinterest or cynicism towards those who are suffering. Who is right is therefore really difficult to say. And now, having turned the page, the appointment in Rome arrives, for a three-hour show.

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