President Sauli Niinistö awarded titles, Mikko Alatalosta music advisor – Culture

President Niinistö awarded a total of 68 titles.

President Sauli Niinistö has awarded 68 titles. For the entertainer and former member of parliament For Mikko Alatalo was awarded the title of music advisor.

Among other things, he got the title of medical adviser Taavi Tapani Kiminkinen. A former health center doctor is known, for example Dr. Kiminkinen from the television series.

Former Member of Parliament I met Tölli (central) and former Director-General of the Regional Administration Office and former Member of Parliament Anneli Taina (kok) received the title of State Councillor.

A title is a public recognition of the work he has done for society. The title of the presentation can be made by private individuals, entities or both together.

The title committee gives its opinion on title matters to the president, who grants the titles.

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