Fiorello all’Annunziata: "Don’t you share the government?  You had to stay to fight"

“Italians have been desperate since Lucia Annunziata left. They think that Italians are affected by these things… But no, they don’t give a damn. We are not the center of the world, I too get involved , we’re nothing. We’re just acrobats! People don’t give a damn!” Fiorello, half-jokingly, during the press review during his program ‘Viva Rai2’, spoke on the resignation of Lucia Annunziata from Rai after the appointments approved yesterday by the Board.

“Ma nothing has ever changed – added the showman – now it’s TeleMeloni: there is a government of the right and those of the right put those of the right, there is a government of the left and those of the left put theirs of the left, it has always been like this… Everyone makes his own garden. The problem is general – he underlined – it is politics that shouldn’t be on TV, on Rai. We need competent people and instead he’s good but he’s from the left … We’re nothing, eh, we’re from the center of nothing” she joked.

And then again, addressing the journalist who left Rai: “Annunziata, if you don’t share anything with this government, then you had to stay to fight from within. If you leave, you’re gone. For all this to go away, you have to understand where it comes from “she concluded half jokingly and not.

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