No matter if winter or summer, we are always looking for someone or someone to cuddle with. The incessant strolling through the dating apps, the thirsty looks in the street and the outings until the wee hours of the night are the lot of most of our single and unmarried friends, and now it turns out that even the most coveted royalty take part in the dating circle just, but * just *, like all of us.

The British Daily Mail reports that Lady Emilia Winsdor, 25, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, has signed up for the exclusive dating app Raya. Amelia, who is 41st in the British crown, recently had a painful breakup from a handsome young Italian who she dated for several months, and is now trying her luck in the same app where friends (or were friends) Harry Styles, Ben Affleck, Demi Lovato and many more.

Raya is an app designed for people from the entertainment industry who want to get to know each other, and not everyone can use it. During the registration, the application must be entrusted with the username and password of the Instagram account, and after the admissions committee reviews the page, it decides whether the surfer can open a user in the application or not. The cost of use – $ 11 a month, which will provide the young Emilia with a variety of hot men who will be happy to talk to her.

25-year-old Amelia An extensive modeling career is strengthened, which includes covers for the most coveted magazines and has collaborated with the largest brands in the world. Amelia studied French and Italian at the University of Edinburgh, and before graduating spent a year in India and Thailand. In love, in love, in love.

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