Donald Trump caused quite a stir during his time as president, but even as a former president he manages to hit the net with some of the scandals he sets up. Now the pants he wore in his last speech have managed to catch the eye of surfers – and since then they refuse to release

Since Trump left the White House, the mako celebs system has been struggling to cope with the longing for the former president, who has provided us with particularly beautiful moments. From the hand-me-downs with Melania to well-documented leaks – the 45th president of the United States was much more than just a president. Happily Trump continues to cultivate his post-presidential career in highly publicized speeches, and in his last speech the pants he wore managed to steal the show.

The former president spoke earlier this week in North Carolina, and after talking at length with the enthusiastic crowd, tweets began to surface on Twitter about Trump’s pants. Reporter Bardon Friedman tweeted: “Trump made his big speech with the pants upside down. Take a close look and tell me I’m wrong.” To the tweet, he added a close-up video of Trump’s pants, and dozens of comments were added to the article.

“Doesn’t Trump have one brave aide who tells him he wore the pants upside down?” Hundreds of comments have been added about the former president’s wrinkled and obscure pants, and our only advice is to consider hiring a stylist altogether.

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