Courtney Kardashian is in the best year of her life, and between photos in love with her boyfriend and particularly thirsty posts, the star celebrated American Independence Day with a small bikini that left no room for imagination

This week marked Independence Day all over the United States, and the hottest stars in Hollywood went on dream vacations and filled Instagram with festive photos. Instead of barbecuing, having fun in the pool, and instead of flying fun with the kids. When Courtney Kardashian wanted to share with her 130 million followers her exploits on the last Independence Day – she did it as only she knows.

The 42-year-old star was photographed in a particularly small bikini with a variety of prints, and shared two different photos. In the first the star stood with her face to the camera, and in the second she was with her back to the camera – revealing a thong that leaves no room for imagination.

Of course, Kurt garnered millions of likes and tens of thousands of encouraging comments, but among the uplifting comments were some who chose to download to the star. Since she launched her relationship with drummer Travis Barker many surfers have been criticizing the change in her beautiful star style, and going out for the revealing photos she uploads. We, personally, are happy to see Kurt flying for life.

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