Neymar’s mother was attacked by the 25.year.old friend
About a year ago the mother of the super footballer, Neymar, launched her new romantic relationship with a 25-year-old football player.

Last week we  told you about Neymar’s new partner, who launched the exciting romantic relationship in a couple story on his Instagram page. About a year ago Neymar’s mother, Nadine Santos, also launched her new romantic relationship – and now it has taken a rather ugly turn.

Nadine (54) revealed about a year ago on her Instagram page that she is dating 25-year-old footballer, Tiago Ramos. The two lived together in a luxurious apartment in Rio de Janeiro and maintained a romantic couple relationship for all intents and purposes. This week, after Nadine refused an exaggerated romantic gesture from Teigo, he erupted in a fit of jealousy and violent rage, destroying the two’s shared apartment – and causing Nadine to fly back to her home.

“Neighbors heard screams, cursing, breaking objects, and the voice of a crying woman,” journalist Gabriel Perlin reported. He further added that Neymar’s mother had left the apartment frightened, and asked the security guards not to allow Teigo to re-enter the building. From there she took off for Santos, and Taigo for his part moved in with a friend. We really hope this story will only belong to the past.

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