This week, American Independence Day was celebrated all over the United States, and the most beloved stars in the swamp packed their family members and went on dream vacations all over the country. The Kardashian girls also left the bustling volume, and they spent the last week pleasantly in a deranged villa on Lake Tahoe, but for the latest video Shekim shared from the vacation – no one was ready.

The star bombarded her story with sweet videos of her children and cousins ​​sliding together on water slides, strolling around the lake and having fun together. After quite a few family stories Kimi shared a video of a yacht on which she sat pleasantly, at least until she started water skiing, an activity that brought her to Lake Tahoe in a way she could not have watched.

Kimi tried to settle on the surfboard while the boat pulled her all over the lake. After a few minutes of hesitant standing on the surface, the star crashed into the water in a glorious fall that would not embarrass a laugh-out-loud video. Kim kept trying, and after the fall video she also shared a video where she stands confidently on the surfboard, reminding us that when you persevere you succeed and all that. proud of you.

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