Prince Harry and Megan Merkel have been spending the last few months adjusting to their new life in Los Angeles. The two left the UK and the royal family over a year ago, and began an independent path at the business and economic level. After a number of employees in the royal family claimed that Megan abused them while she was at the palace, now Harry and Megan’s former assistant maid opens everything – and she had no bad word to say.

Catherine St Lauren was the chief of staff for Prince Harry and Megan Merkel’s Archwell organization, and left the post unexpectedly after less than a year, last March. Since then many questions have arisen about her leaving the role, to which she was personally chosen by Harry and Megan after working with Bill and Melinda Gates, but in her latest interview with “The Cut”, she made it clear that there was no drama between her and the former royal couple.

After being told she would wake up at 5:30 a.m. to answer phones and emails, Catherine talked about working with the famous couple. “I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do this, to work with them during their journey,” she said. “The time I spent with them was incredibly fulfilling. I think they have tremendous potential to be influential leaders in the social space.”

Last March, around Catherine’s resignation, Buckingham Palace announced that they were investigating allegations of Megan Merkel’s abuse of the palace staff. According to a report first published in the Times in October 2018, the couple’s communications secretary complained about Merkel, claiming she “led to the departure of two personal assistants and undermined the trust of a third staff member.” An official statement issued by the royal palace said the allegations were “very worrying”. In addition, the palace summoned the workers from that period in an attempt to find out the details of the incident and draw lessons. “In the royal house there was a policy of ‘working with dignity’. We will not accept or tolerate abuse or harassment in the workplace,” the statement said.

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