Anyone who has been in a binding relationship in their life knows the distress involved in their spouse‚Äôs events. The other side sets plans, you are not so interested, and yet you will come to the event and do your best. What do you do in the days of Corona when your spouse’s plans are not revocable, but he or she has gone into isolation? This is exactly the reality to which Prince William got up this week, when he arrived at a tea party without his partner.

Prince William hosted a tea party in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace, held in honor of health care workers in the UK. In the photos posted from the event you can see the British prince surrounded by women (drinking tea), with whom he talked at length when he was completely alone. Later the prince served for a moment as conductor of the orchestra at the venue, and there is no doubt that Kate’s absence was evident on William’s face.

Kate went into isolation last week after being exposed to a verified corona patient. “Last week the Duchess of Cambridge was exposed to a man who came out positive on a corona examination,” a palace spokeswoman said. “Her Majesty does not suffer from symptoms, but in accordance with all government guidelines she has gone into home isolation.” Only Health. And tea parties.

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