Chrissie Tigan is the woman that everything happens to, and as the woman that everything happens to us we are not really surprised by the last picture she uploaded to the networks, in which she seems to be holding her partner’s penis. At the same time, it is our duty as a system to cover every step of the celebs in the country and overseas to tell you about the important storms that are taking place on the net – and this is specifically particularly funny.

Chrissie shared on her Instagram page a picture of herself and her husband, John Legend, from an amazing balcony in Rome where they are vacationing at the moment. Chrissy and John stood embracing with the stunning view of the Romantic city behind them, but Chrissy’s 34.4 million followers could not take their eyes off anything else entirely: Chrissy’s hand resting on her husband’s loin area.

“Chrissy, what’s going on there? What are you touching?” Many comments were added to the ripping picture, and whether or not Chrissie intended to stir up a storm – we are happy to see the beautiful couple smiling and frolicking together.

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