Since leaving the White House last January, Donald, Melania and Baron Trump have immigrated to Florida. The three live in Mar-a-Lago and spend most of their time having fun, but do not forget to come to New York for short homeland visits. The group’s last visit to the 16-year-old closet was filmed for the first time in months, and we’re still in the market from the height it grabbed.

The 16-year-old in the closet was photographed with his mother on the way out of the Trump Tower in New York. The famous son carried the bag of Melania, Louis Vuitton orange in a limited edition, and walked behind her until they got into the armored car. Melania also kept another bag close to her lap, holding Birkin for no less than $ 11,000 in white jeans and a black button-down shirt.

We had not seen the youngest son of the Trumps for many months, so it was very surprising to see that he passed his mother by many inches, and so did his father. The 16-year-old closet has grown in recent months and has reached a height of two feet and four inches, making him the tallest member of the Trump family. His father, by the way, boasts 190 cm of height, and his mother 180.

About a year ago, Baron’s name gained momentum on social media, with the appearance of the strag “Save Baron”. The surfers decided that Baron was “imprisoned” in the White House, and that he was in fact a cute, kind and liberal boy who wanted to live a normal life, and to that end he mobilized the entire ticketing community and uploaded millions of videos on the subject. The protest has spread to other networks as well, and a petition to save Baron Trump has dropped from Twitter after it already had 15,000 signatures.

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