The galery Jose de la Mano Has celebrated the sale of Ibarrola’s ‘Guernica’ for 300,000 euros to the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum in the 40th edition of ARCO, the contemporary art fair that is being held this week at Ifema Madrid.

We are aware that the painting is worth more, but in the negotiations it has weighed a lot where it went. We are aware that it is a much more important piece but considering economic value and location, 100% location weighted“, the director of the Madrid gallery, José de la Mano, has assured Europa Press in a statement.

The gallery owner is “very clear” that this painting “is going to be a media focus” and that it is going to have “a place in the history of Spanish art and Basque art.” “Undoubtedly a better location that Bilbao could not have “, Has celebrated.

In his opinion, it is a “historical piece from the point of view of art history”. “Although then the market went the other way, we valued and the publication that we have made for the presentation of the painting is a historical presentation. We more or less knew that it was going to have an impact but not so great, “he acknowledged.

Also, José de la Mano has pointed out that this edition of ARCO, held on exceptional dates due to the pandemic, has taken place at a time “so complex, with fewer exhibitors, fewer clients because internationals cannot travel. “This painting will be ten, fifteen years, but everyone will remember that the first time it was presented in society here“, has said.

Ibarrola’s ‘Guernica’, a work by the Basque master that has been forgotten for four decades and measures ten meters by two meters high and is made up of ten handles, was made in 1977 with the idea of ​​claiming the transfer of Picasso’s Guernica from the MoMA to a future museum in the city of Guernica, and it was exhibited on several occasions, until it was cornered in the artist’s studio.


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