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‘Settlers’ winners are subject to strict rules during their quarantine in Western Australia

When Western Australia, after almost two years, opened its borders to travelers, Caroline Dahm Curran and Reece Curran, known from the TV show ‘The Settlers’, could not get their arms down.

Finally, the couple could travel to Australia to visit Reece’s family, but before they could grab the suitcases, the rules were changed again.

– All of a sudden, the rules were changed so that you could travel in if you made a stopover in another state and went in 14 days quarantine on arrival, but it has now been changed to seven days, says a relieved Caroline to Ekstra Bladet.

– Everyone who travels to Western Australia must have an app on their phone, and it beeps at different times. Then you have to take a picture of yourself and send your location to the police so they can see that you are at the location you have given up, the 29-year-old woman continues, adding that they have both been tested negative over several laps as well as vaccinated.

Reece further explains that they only have five minutes to take the picture, and if they do not reach it within the few minutes, they get another chance. But if the couple also does not respond a second time, they get a call from the authorities, which they must answer – otherwise the police will come and knock on their door.

Caroline og Reece står på den ene side af vinduet, mens familie og venner står på den anden side, for at de kan tilbringe tid sammen under karantænen. Privatfoto
Caroline and Reece stand on one side of the window while family and friends stand on the other side so they can spend time together during the quarantine. Private photo

Very difficult
It’s not just the strict rules in the form of mobile notifications that have been a challenge, Reece and Caroline explain.

When the TV couple arrived in the country on Monday, the family of 34-year-old Reece was at the airport to receive them, but it was not the welcome that both parties had been looking forward to.

– It was strange to stand at the airport after two years without being able to hug my family. They were only two meters away from us and my mother was crying. It was so difficult and very strange, says Reece, who nevertheless appreciates that he is now in his home country.

– It is a small price to pay so that we can be allowed to see them – the alternative was that we should not see them at all, he continues.

Reece’s father lives opposite the apartment that the couple has rented for two months, and that helps the mood, explain the TV participants, whose quarantine will be lifted on Monday.

Reece Curran is from Australia, but he has moved to Denmark with Caroline, after the two met on a trip. You can read much more about this here.

The couple is expecting their first child in June.

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