Kendall Jenner is the busiest supermodel in the world, and as such she makes sure to knock out looks no less than insane. When she went to a prestigious celebs club in Los Angeles, she decided to go all out – and left the house in a sheer top

Last January it was reported that the royal couple of the Hollywood swamp, Kim Kardashian and Kenya West, are divorcing. Since the announcement of the divorce the Kardashians have begun to enjoy a period of blooming in their romantic lives, with Courtney’s hot new relationship and the official launch of Kendall’s glittering relationship. Now Courtney and Kendall are tying themselves up while having a fun pan pack, uploading mega-hot photos one after the other to the networks.

Kendall went to the new celebs club, “Delilah”, where we also told you that Sharon Stone (63) was spotted with her new partner, the 25-year-old rapper RMR. We weren’t too surprised by Kendall’s freaking look, which included a sheer little top and matching long pants filled with plaids, but we were surprised to see that she took a very nimble inspiration from her sister, Courtney, and chose not to put any bra or top under the sheer strapless.

Of course we at mako celebs take an active part in the release movements from the bras, so we are very happy to see our Kendall collaborate with the new trend – and walk the most natural street there is. By the way, if the outfit was familiar to you, her younger sister, Kylie, wore it exactly when she went out to Nobu restaurant exactly 11 months ago. sisters or not to be.

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