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The enthusiasm is not to be mistaken by Danish reviewers who have seen the film ‘You who are in heaven’, which has its cinema premiere on Thursday.

Jyllands-Posten’s reviewer praises the film’s director, Tea Lindeburg.

– By placing the perspective behind the scenes, she portrays scenes from a woman’s life completely without compromising on historical credibility. It is eminent, writes Katrine Sommer Boysen and acknowledges with five out of six stars in Thursday’s newspaper.

The period drama takes place in the 19th century. The young Lise is the oldest in a sibling group and has plans to travel away and go to school. But her heavily pregnant mother is giving birth – a birth that is not going well.

The film has the young shooting star Flora Ofelia Hofmann Lindahl in the lead role as the 14-year-old Lise.

And that performance impresses both Politiken’s and Berlingske’s reviewer.

– Of course, everything is also crucial, so fine Tea Lindeburg gets Flora Ofelia Hofman Lindahl to play a key role in the all-dominating lead role as the 14-year-old Lise, writes Politiken’s reviewer Kim Skotte and gives the film five out of six hearts.

Meanwhile, Berlingske’s reviewer Kristian Lindberg writes in the Thursday newspaper that Lindahl is ‘as created for this role with his delicate features and playful eyes’.

He gives the film five out of six stars. Kristeligt Dagblad’s review does not reach that high, where the film gets four out of six stars in Thursday’s newspaper.

Here, reviewer Henrik Wivel praises the visual and writes that ‘the compositions both outdoors and not least indoors look like pictures of 19th century genre painters’.

‘You Who Are in Heaven’ is a film adaptation of the book ‘A Night of Death’ by Marie Bregendahl from 1912.

At the weekly magazine Alt for Damerne, film editor Stephanie Caruana calls the film ‘unbelievably beautiful, hand-held and lingering’, but also ‘alive, above all’.

The film also has stars like Thure Lindhardt and Lisbet Dahl on the cast. Flora Ofelia Hofman Lindahl has already received an award for her role as Lise.

It happened in September last year, when the 16-year-old actor won the award for Best Leading Role at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

On Saturday, the film also won the main prize at the big film festival in Gothenburg.

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