Three children were born to the Queen Mother, Beyonce, who are privileged to grow up with the most elusive mother in the world. When my son and the youngest daughter were caught in a toy store in New York – we could not relax from the pictures

The big and beloved stars in the swamp do not only receive coveted titles as we have just awarded them, and they enjoy exciting luxuries like being the most equal mother in the swamp. While the Kardashian girls prove day in and day out that they are not going to lose the contest in question, Beyoncé’s photos from New York remind us that there are dozens of other famous Hollywood moms we love the most in the world – and she is without a doubt one of them.

Kevin Bee was photographed with her four-year-old daughter, Rumi, at the iconic New York toy store, FBI or Schwartz. The two were photographed in the store wandering between the various shelves, and when Rumi chose the toy she wanted to take home with her – mother Beyonce paid, and they continued on their way.

Beyoncé arrived in New York with Jay-Z and their children last week, and in the few days they roam the big city they have already been spotted having dinner with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. According to various reports, Jack intends to buy the streaming services of Jay-Z, “TIDAL,” for an estimated $ 300 million.

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