Anna Moackler was Travis Barker’s partner until they broke up in 2008. Now, as he celebrates life with Courtney Kardashian, Anna is not really trying to hide her jealousy – and now she’s taking a dramatic step

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are the most in love couple in the Hollywood swamp, but the erupting love of the two does not go down well with everyone. Shana Moackler, Travis’ ex-wife and mother of his children, takes every opportunity to sting the new and vibrant couple, but for her new business move – no one was ready.

According to a report by Page Six, Anna is opening a page on the adult app “Unlifance”, where celebs charge their followers a monthly fee for their subscription service, and in return followers can watch their videos and photos, some of which are explicitly pornographic in nature. Shana told Page Six that she also intends to open a page on the app, in order to show herself “doing yoga, cooking, and being on a set – in a sexy and fun way.”

We recently told you that Shana and Travis’ 15-year-old daughter went out on the net against her mother, accusing her of being a missing mother. “My mom has never been completely in my life. Are you ready to stop making it look like she’s an amazing mom?”, The girl wrote on her Instagram page. “Your mother asked to see you on Mother’s Day? Because mine did not. I finished keeping it a secret.” We are not sure that Shana’s new move will get her daughter back in touch.

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