‘Europe vs the West’, Scianca launches its editorial series for Altaforte

The war in Ukraine has forced a profound rethinking of fundamental political and geopolitical categories. If, on the one hand, the need to deconstruct the category of the West has become increasingly pressing, on the other, trivial and exotically tinged anti-Westernism seems to have led many non-conformist circles into a dead end.

In “Europe vs the West” (104 pp.; 10.00 euros) Adriano Scianca presents the new Avanti series, which he directed for the Altaforte Edizioni publishing house, “proposing a new revolutionary Europeanism, in line with the best tradition of metapolitical laboratories Europeans for at least two centuries now – explains the publishing house – A pro-European project, and before that a true European myth, against any pro-American or pro-Russian temptation, against Third Worldist romanticisms or chauvinist retreats. A way to elaborate the only true (geo)political alternative that is up to date with the times, but also to put an end to years of ideological confusion which have defused any desire to rebel against the system”. The essay is introduced by a writing by Lorenzo Cafarchio.

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