The ‘Encyclopedia of underground politics’ in bookstores

After the YouTube channel and the memes, Progetto Razzia arrives in the publishing world with the book “Enciclopedia della politica underground” (174 pp.; €16.00), published by Altaforte Edizioni, with a preface by Enrico Petrucci.

“Not a normal encyclopedia, but a journey into the most hidden and hidden depths of submerged politics. From singular characters to unsolved mysteries, from orders whispered in the ear to movements born and died in the reflection of a breath. In the era in which everything boils down to the bare bones of a meme, Progetto Razzia – explains the publishing house in a note – decides to ‘memeise’ politics, to deconstruct it to investigate the most extravagant, the most eccentric, the most interesting protagonists in political history of the last century. From Alain Soral to Hakim Bey, from John Knevees to Tila Tequila, from William Luther Pierce to John Knevees, in the pages of the ‘Encyclopedia of underground politics’ there are many eccentric, forgotten, but incredibly alive and still capable characters to leave messages in the intricate political magma of the modern world”.

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