Harry’s family ignored his birthday
Against the background of the family conflict that has been going on for three years, the royal family deviated from tradition and decided not to congratulate Prince Harry on his 39th birthday. This is the first time that any member of the royal family has not greeted a family member, and it seems to be another nail in the coffin of this relationship

It has been almost three years that Harry and Meghan have been completely cut off from the royal family. Despite the bad blood, the family made sure to congratulate the Dukes on their birthday every year, but it seems that this year someone there decided to make a change in this long-standing tradition, and the whole family is cooperating.

Last Friday, Harry celebrated his 39th birthday together with Meghan Markle at the “Invictus” games in Dusseldorf, Germany. Not far away, at Buckingham Palace in London, the members of the royal family decided that this year they were not interested in publicly congratulating the prince on his birthday, and silence prevailed on their social media pages (where official greetings are usually given). Good thing there wasn’t really silence, because on the page of King Charles and his wife Camilla, they shared a photo of Camilla while she was walking in Wiltshire and meeting the locals.


Even in the year when the relationship between Harry and his family was at its most difficult, the year Harry and Meghan moved to America in 2020, the official Twitter account of the royal family shared a photo of the late Queen Elizabeth standing next to Harry as they both smiled. Alongside the photo, which was taken during a reception for young leaders at Buckingham Palace in 2017, they wrote: “Wishing the Duke of Sussex a very happy birthday!”.

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton also welcomed Harry that year and shared photos of themselves doing a running competition with Harry at a 2017 event for their joint campaign. They added: “Wishing Prince Harry a very happy birthday today!”. King Charles also took to social media to pay tribute to his son.

A year later, the royal family again took to social media to pay tribute to Harry. The Queen led the birthday wishes to Harry on his 37th birthday by sharing a series of photos which highlighted the Duke of Sussex’s charity work. William and Kate simply shared a photo of Harry with the caption: “Happy birthday Prince Harry,” and added a red balloon emoji.

Harry’s 38th birthday was shrouded in tragedy, following the Queen’s death a week earlier, so no birthday messages were posted on social media during the official period of mourning that coincided with Prince Harry’s birthday. On her birthday last year, William and Kate arrived at Sandringham House to greet the crowds who had gathered to pay their respects to the Queen. A person in the audience turned to William to point out that it was Harry’s birthday and asked if he had forgotten. William replied: “It’s his birthday today – you’re absolutely right. No, I haven’t forgotten.”

This year, however, the birthday messages for Harry disappeared. Traditionally, members of the royal family wished Harry a happy birthday before 9am, but they have yet to share anything on their social media accounts. This follows Meghan Markle’s birthday on August 4, when none of the official royal accounts posted birthday announcements, but somehow it’s less surprising than ignoring Harry.

Despite the family turning their backs, Harry will celebrate his birthday in a very special way. He is currently enjoying himself in Dusseldorf with his wife Megan as the couple watches the Invictus games. The couple were spotted on the night of his birthday enjoying themselves at a German bar, and were pictured enjoying a night of booze and local food at a restaurant on Thursday.

The couple are currently away from their children and one PR expert believes they will likely hold off on any big celebrations until they are reunited with their children Prince Archie and Princess Lily when they return home to California, where Meghan is planning a special party for Harry.

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