Salman Rushdie comes to the Frankfurt Book Fair

When Salman Rushdie recently appeared at the International Literature Festival to talk about his new novel “Victory City” with Daniel Kehlmann and the translator Bernhard Robben, he made a more than cheerful, tidy impression. Apart from the loss of his right eye, he said at the beginning of the conversation in the Berliner Ensemble, he was doing well; physically he was back to his best after the serious attack on August 11th last year. The problems with the ulnar nerve in the left arm no longer exist.

Rushdie was connected via video from New York, but he didn’t make it to Berlin, which there may be many reasons for for a much sought-after writer like him.

Salman Rushdie is now making up for this visit. Apparently he will be coming to Frankfurt am Main for the book fair, which is taking place from October 17th to 22nd this year. The reason is obvious: Rushdie will be awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade on October 22nd at the end of the mass in Frankfurt’s Paulskirche.

Lots of security measures

His arrival has not yet been officially announced by the publisher. But this week the stock exchange association sent out invitations to a “press conference with Salman Rushdie” for October 20th in the exhibition halls. This is the traditional meeting with the respective Peace Prize winner at the trade fair.

Such conversations can of course also be held online. But the fact that Rushdie could be there live was suggested by the note: “Please also plan to arrive an hour early due to security measures.”

As if to confirm this, Penguin Verlag, part of the Random House Group, together with the British Council, invited Rushdie and his wife to a reception in Frankfurt at the end of this week on Thursday, October 19th. The writer, born in Bombay in 1947, came to Germany for an extended visit. This is something to look forward to, and the Frankfurt Book Fair should only benefit from this after the difficult past few years.

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