Now Blachman has apologized right
Thomas Blachman and Tessa have spoken together and he has apologized, she told the Zulu Awards on Thursday night

Tessa has received her apology from Thomas Blachman. Photo: Anthon Unger

– This little shitty country. What is it we can do. Tessa, I’m in the phone book – come and bang me, my love.

That sentence was fired by Thomas Blachman during the Zulu Awards in 2021, which was held at the end of April last year. Since then, he has had to admit that it was a long way over the limit to say to the popular rapper.

Initially, he had to apologize for his behavior to his employer, TV 2, and subsequently there has been – what to say – a different perception of whether he has personally apologized to Tessa.

Cardiac arrest
Apologies or not, it has apparently never arrived, and at the beginning of the year, Tessa responded back with a short rap that she has shared on her Instagram profile.

– I read that you had given me an apology on EB and on BT, when it happened and who did you send it to, at least I have not seen it, it sounded from Tessa, who in other respects thought that Blachman did not at all would be able to keep fucking her.

– If I fucked you, you would have a cardiac arrest – believe me, pictures had to be taken – but there is not enough Viagra in the world for you to come close to satisfying me, she rapped and called the bald judge both pig bass and grand-daddy.

Genuine apology
But now Thomas Blachman and Tessa have spoken out. She said this on Thursday night during the filming of the 2022 edition of the Zulu Awards.

Here, the rapper was invited to present the evening’s final award, which was the artist of the year.

The young rapper was fully aware that last year’s scene and the ensuing dispute between her and Blachman was the all-time great elephant in space.

– Just to get it out of the world. We have talked together, he has given me a real apology, and I have accepted it, she started by saying.

Tessa made KB Hallen cheer. Photo: Anthon Unger
Tessa made KB Hallen cheer. Photo: Anthon Unger

No shaming
Then cheers erupted in the hall in KB Hallen.

– But that’s not what this case is about. The case is about being able to express oneself freely without being shamed, she said, among other things, before concluding by stating:

– If people can not respect it, they just have to shut up.

Then she continued with what it was all about – the award ceremony.

Award presenter Tessa. Photo: Anthon Unger
Award presenter Tessa. Photo: Anthon Unger

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