She has been an integral part of our lives for over a decade, but right now, at the age of 33, she is undoubtedly at her peak. Everything Rihanna uploads to the networks burns them, but the last video she shared undoubtedly broke even her own records. Wow

How much can you love Rihanna, you ask? Well, endless. The 33-year-old star is also one of our favorite singers in the world, also one of the hottest designers in the industry and also maintains the most enviable relationship with the hottest rapper, ISP Rocky, and the latest video she uploaded to the networks undoubtedly proves she is at her peak.

Riri the Faint shared with her 101 million followers a video, in which she shows on her body the lingerie of her lingerie brand – Savage X Fenty. The star wore a small bra and phosphorescent green thong panties, and showed off a dumb cut in front of the cameras. Throughout the video Riri played with her bra cords while wearing pink sunglasses and gold necklaces, and managed to convince us that we too must get a set for our lingerie closet.

Rihanna realized that modeling her own lingerie was totally the formula, and early last month she modeled a yellow lingerie set she put out in her brand. If that wasn’t enough, Riri was caught with her partner after a hot outing in New York, and was reminded that one can totally find one even after the age of thirty. And three.

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