Kylie Jenner may only be 23 years old, but her fans all over the world can’t wait for her second pregnancy. The 21-year-old star gave birth to her first daughter after keeping her entire pregnancy a secret, and since then fans have been keeping their hand on the pulse looking for any sign of a second pregnancy. Now, after the comeback for her daughter’s father, Travis Scott, everyone is sure that the long-awaited pregnancy has arrived.

It all started when Kylie photographed her flat stomach while training. So far, completely standard, except that two days later the star filmed a pampering sushi roll without a single piece of fish in it. Later came the reunion episode of “The Kardashian Family” (E!), And while all the girls in the family made a whip of tequila – Kylie chose to stay out of the picture.

The alleged signs were added to the comeback of Kylie and her ex-partner, Travis Scott. The two gave birth to their joint daughter, Stormy, and in the summer of 2019 separated forces. Since then many have hoped that their relationship will return, and earlier this month the two began posting joint photos and their associates confirmed their official return. If that’s not enough, the trusted gossip page “Deuxmoi” has brought up quite a bit of news about a “famous star” who is due to announce her pregnancy soon – and all fingers have been pointed at Kylie.

Rumors have gained momentum and many believed the pregnancy was already happening, but in recent days Kylie has done everything to refute them – and uploaded photos of her drinking alcoholic beverages and snacking on nice fish. We’ll be Polish and we’ll not have seen the drinks or the fish go into Kylie’s mouth, so we enjoy the sweet supplier, and will continue to hope for a second pregnancy.

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