On Tuesday (Monday) it was announced that Prince Harry is in the midst of writing his new book, which will be published soon and will announce his retirement from the royal family. This is the first time in senior history that a British royal family has written a revealing memoir – and the news of the book’s existence comes after a year in which the rift between Harry and his partner Megan Merkel and the kingdom deepened. Now, insiders are telling the British “Mirror” about the “tsunami” that is taking place in the palace at the moment, and the fears that are flooding the corridors of the palace.

“Since Harry and Megan left the royal family they have come out claim after claim about the treatment they received at the palace. They say it is their truth, but the truth always has more on one side,” the insider said. “Since their interview with Oprah Winfrey the tension has broken records. The things they said have proven unbelievable at best. There is now a tsunami of fear in the royal family about the things Harry will write. Many hope he will correct things that have already been said, but do not really believe it will happen.”

Have you said half-truths in the past? Prince Harry and Megan Merkel in an interview with the Opera | Photo: reuters

As you may recall, during the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Megan Merkel revealed that she and Harry were married in a secret wedding days before the mass incident at Windsor Castle. Megan described the wedding day as an “out-of-body experience”, saying she woke up in the morning and heard the song “Going To The Chaple”, but at the same time added that she and Harry knew it was “not our day – it was a day planned for the world”. But the Sun obtained the former royal couple’s marriage certificate and proved that there is no truth in Megan’s remarks, and that the two were indeed married on May 19, 2018 at Windsor Castle. “I’m sorry, but it’s clear Megan is confused. She and Harry did not get married three days before the wedding in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury,” said Stephen Burton, a former chief of staff at the archbishop’s office. “I suspect they just exchanged a few simple vows they wrote themselves in front of the archbishop – a fashionable thing to do, or they just did a simple rehearsal.”

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