We will soon mark half a year since the dramatic farewell of the year, centered on the power couple of the swamp – Kim Kardashian and Kenya West. Since the breakup, the two’s names have been linked in a variety of alleged romances with all the who’s and who’s of the swamp, and after rumors that sounded pretty far-fetched to us about a new relationship between Kenya West and supermodel Irina Shake – now they seem truer than ever.

Kenya celebrated his 44th birthday this week, and to celebrate the new page he is opening in his life he traveled with Irina for a mega-romantic vacation at a dream estate in France. The two were photographed together at various airports around the world on their way to the dream destination, and paparazzi photographers chased them all over France until they obtained shared photos of themselves.

Insiders confirm that the romantic trip is not accidental, and that Kenya and Irina are indeed dating at these moments. Rumors of the new relationship began late last month, when an anonymous source sent to the Instagram page “deuxmoi” a report that Kenya West had started dating the beautiful supermodel, Irina Sheik. “Kenya is secretly dating Irina Shake, the mother of Bradley Cooper’s daughter,” the report said. The anonymous character behind me added to the photo that “after further inquiries I would not say they are ‘going out’, but something interesting is definitely happening among them.”

Kenya and Irina did not respond to reports, but the two have previously worked together when Irina appeared in a West clip for the song “Power”. The last time we updated on Shake’s romantic situation, she went out with New York art dealer Vito Schnabel.

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