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The Ministry of Culture has closed the warning that he had filed against the General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE) since 2018 for failing to comply with a series of legal requirements that affected internal regulations and proper functioning as a management entity.

The decision of the Ministry, by which the file is closed, is based on “the complete adaptation of the entity to the Spanish and European legal systems“, as the SGAE itself has pointed out.

After this closing and with the readmission in the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) last March, the SGAE understands that “the institutional renewal process culminates “ started in April 2020, “based on dialogue and full cooperation with both organizations”.

The entity has carried out, among other measures, the reform of its statutes, the changes introduced in the distribution systems such as the separation of bags, the development of electronic voting in elections, the extension of the vote for all partners or the transfer of executive power to the Technical Directorate.

I want to thank the full disposition of the technical team of the Ministry, which has accompanied us in this process of institutional normalization, the effort of all the technical staff of the entity to update the institution and the union of the author’s collective. They have made this adaptation possible in little more than a year “, has expressed Antonio Onetti, president of the SGAE.

We have laid the fundamental foundations to have a more plural and democratic SGAE, based on the common good– Now we must advance in the digital and cultural transformation of the entity, with the objective of optimizing our efficiency in managing the rights of our partners“, Onetti concluded.

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