At the beginning of March we told you with a heavy heart that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up. A month later the beautiful Jay had been pissing her off with the mythological ex, Ben Affleck, and since then the two have launched themselves as a couple for all intents and purposes. Despite the pictures in love and the endearing relationship, when Jen was asked about the new relationship in a zoom interview for the morning show – she refused to answer.

Jennifer came to be a guest with actor Lynn Manuel on the morning show “Today Show”, in honor of the re.release of the two single, “Love Make The World”, to mark five years since the shooting attack at the LGBT club in Orlando. During the conversation with host Jay On the new relationship with Ben, and managed to dodge in the most elegant (and most questionable) way we have ever seen.

@hodakotb catches up with @JLo and @Lin_Manuel, who are re.releasing their charity single “Love Make the World” to mark the five.year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

. TODAY (@TODAYshow) July 20, 2021

“You look happy,” the facilitator told her. “I have to tell you that every time I see a picture of you and my son I — are you happier?”. “I’m always happy when I see you,” Jay replied with a huge smile, but when the presenter insisted on hearing more details about the new.old relationship in her life the smile was erased, and Jay evaded: “The song came out now, five years after we wrote it. I believe the message Of loving each other and getting closer to each other has never been more relevant than now. ” Nice.

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