Donald Trump left the White House and the presidency about six months ago, and since then we have been trying to keep a close eye on the most polled president in the system. Last week, the former president came to watch the UFC fight, and managed to complicate the network with the young ticking star, Edison Ray.

Edison, 20, came to watch the battle with her famous friends, and not far from her sat her close friend, Courtney Kardashian. While Courtney was flirting with her partner in front of the cameras, Edison managed to put herself, for no wrong in the paw, in no small storm on the net, which almost cost her an aggressive “cancellation”.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, Edison was photographed introducing herself to former President Donald Trump. “Hey, I’m Edison,” she tells him in the video. “Nice to meet you, I had to say hello to you.” Her friends in the audience decided to joke about Edison and Trump’s heartfelt acquaintance, but the network took Ray’s step hard – and came out on top with all their might. “Why was Edison so excited to see Trump,” “Edison just ‘had to’ tell Trump hey? She does not support him,” “Do you want to tell me that Edison Ray, a rich Louisiana girl, supports Trump? * Pretends I’m in the market.”

When the storm against Edison reached its peak, many began criticizing Edison’s cancellation on the networks after she just said goodbye to Trump. “If people dismiss Edison Ray because she said hello to Trump I end up with this country,” one surfer tweeted, and others added that they too would say hello to Trump if they came across him. Conclusion: It is not easy to be a network star. Tell us something we do not know.

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