Herring does not get a red shrimp!
Although David Jarsbo promised to share the prize money of half a million kroner with ex-girlfriend Sille Nimholm, that agreement has now gone down the drain, and Sille is, to say the least, dissatisfied with it.

When David Jarsbo and Sille Nimholm from ‘Paradise Hotel’ visited Ekstra Bladet’s cultural commentator, René Fredensborg, the two told that the money must be shared anyway.

This despite the fact that 23-year-old David threw the ball at the coveted 500,000 kroner and left Sille, 23, crushed and without any money gain.

But it now appears that their deal has gone in the sink. This is what David tells Ekstra Bladet on Thursday.

– As it looks right now, she’s not getting any money. I had actually thought I would not talk about it because so much has been said back and forth, he says.

Sille Nimholm was crushed when her boyfriend David threw the bullet and thus decided to betray her. Photo: Nent Group

She threatened me
– She has not treated me so well for a long time, and there have been some different things between us, including the shitstorm she started about me in the media. We should have taken it private, the reality participant points out.

David further explains that he had the feeling that owls would come into the bog because he had offered Sille a smaller amount than the 250,000 kroner, which was the agreement to begin with. It was Sille was not happy with at all.

– She told me that if we went apart and there was something with the money, then she would go after driving me down. I wanted to give her an amount, but I withdrew it because of the shit she shut out about me. It was ridiculous, says David.

Here is the couple before the 'Paradise Hotel' final, where their future as lovers was put to a serious test. Photo: Nent Group
Here is the couple before the ‘Paradise Hotel’ final, where their future as lovers was put to a serious test. Photo: Nent Group

Get legal advice
It is a lie and Latin that Sille should have threatened David in that way, she emphasizes.

– I never said that. The only thing I have demanded was that he should treat me properly – he did not do that then, and he does not do that now either, says Sille.

– It’s a shame that David has the values ​​from home that he can not keep his words and a simple agreement. Of course, I had hoped that David was a grown man with his values ​​in order, even though he has been unfaithful to me and everything, she adds.

Sille also explains that she is currently receiving legal advice to assess what to put up with the broken monetary agreement.

– If he does not comply with his part of the agreement, he breaks the contract law, then I have to see what I have to do, she says.

An oral agreement is as binding as a written agreement. However, it requires proof that the agreement has been entered into, and it is not as easy to prove an oral agreement as a written agreement.

It writes, among other things, Legal Desk.

It is, among other things, with reference to the Contracts Act § 3 para. 2, which reads:

‘Tenders submitted orally without a time limit for acceptance must be accepted immediately.’

David and Sille met during filming for ‘Paradise Hotel’ and then became lovers, but in December 2021, both parties announced on their social media that they no longer form a couple.

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