Bella Hadid and her new partner, Mark Kalman, continue to hang out together. The 24.year.old model and boyfriend, an art director by profession, were caught by paparazzi photographers yesterday afternoon, sitting on stairs on a New York street.

Bella wore a white tank top paired with brown buggy pants along with the corona accessory, face mask, while Mark wore white T.shirts, brown pants and an inverted baseball cap. After chatting for a while, the couple went to a restaurant to have lunch.

Hadid and Kalman have been dating secretly for several months, but the model officially posted the relationship only two weeks ago on Instagram, and since then they have had time to enjoy a particularly photogenic vacation in the south of France.

With the publication of the relationship, gossip sites and web surfers also raised the question of whether Mark Kalman is Jewish, when, as is well known, Hadid is the daughter of a Palestinian father, and recently sharply attacked Israel, against the background of Operation Wall Guard last May.

The surfers in the country also did not remain indifferent to the new relationship, as some of them stated that the next step would be “that she would convert herself,” or claimed that it was a “laugh of fate.” Some wrote that after it was so dirty about the Jewish people, it was “strange that he went out with it.” And what do you think?

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