“I felt that I was losing my footing”: the confidences of Pierre Arditi, a month and a half after his discomfort

He wants to be reassuring. Invited to answer questions from Audrey Crespo-Mara in the program “Sept à quatre”, Pierre Arditi returned to his discomfort which occurred on stage at the Théâtre Edouard-VII at the end of September, his state of health as well as his vision of life.

“In an instant, in a split second I felt like I was losing my footing. I didn’t have the text, but everything, life… I passed away. I collapsed in the arms of Muriel Robin who didn’t ask for so much, the unfortunate girl,” quips the 79-year-old actor.

After carrying out a whole battery of medical examinations “to be sure that there is nothing more serious”, he indicates that he resumed “too soon” by trying to return to the stage only a week after his accident. Just before going on stage, in the dressing rooms, he had “a momentary loss of memory”. “I didn’t know anything anymore,” he describes.

His doctors then explained to him that he had to be reasonable and that he had to “temporarily stop this admirable profession” to rest, admitting that he is the main responsible for this fatigue “because I consider that I am still 18 years and a half. »

“I want life to last a little longer”

Although he readily admits that he must heed the warning signs that life sends, he has no plans to definitively stop his career as an actor. “If someone told me I couldn’t do this anymore, I would die right away,” he confides.

Despite his philosophy of life, Pierre Arditi recognizes that this episode encourages him to slow down, while continuing to live like a bon vivant. “Life is not worth saving because it is an adventure from which you do not come out alive. (…) Life must be burned. So I burn it but simply, here, I burn it a little less because I want it to last a little longer. »

Back on stage since November 8, Pierre Arditi observes that his audience applauds him louder since his vagal discomfort. “When the curtain rises and I’m alone on stage, they applaud because I’m still there. »

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