Seven weeks ago, Prince Harry and Megan Merkel officially became parents to two, when they gave birth to their second daughter – Diana’s darling. Megan gave birth to her daughter in a hospital in Los Angeles, and returned home with Baby Lily who turned two.year.old Archie into a big brother. In the royal family as in the royal family – the dramas must always come, and the little mistress has found herself in the last days at the center of no small drama.

This past weekend the Sun reported that although nearly two months had passed since the birth of Little Lilith, the royal family’s official website had not added the baby to the succession to the throne. The order is usually updated not long after the births of the heirs, and in evidence Archie was added to the list 15 days after he was born, and Louis, the son of William and Kate, was added 12 days after the birth.

The Sun’s publicity caused quite a stir, and much speculation about the reason for the move began to surface online. One of them touched on Harry and Megan’s last moves, with the last of them being the book that Prince Harry was to publish about leaving the royal family. Apparently someone in the palace was attentive to the storm raging outside, because tonight, seven weeks after the maid was born – she got her place on the list of heirs when she was in eighth place.

The first to inherit the crown is Prince Charles, the father of Prince Harry and Prince William. After him will be crowned Prince William and all his children, and in sixth place – Prince Harry. Liliana Diana is the eighth in line for the British crown, and she will probably receive him for many years to come.

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