Jan Böhmermann wants to produce the German ESC preliminary round

In his Spotify podcast, Jan Böhmermann explained that he I want to produce the preliminary round of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

“We want to host the Eurovision Song Contest preliminary round,” emphasized the entertainer in the latest episode of “Fest & Flüschig”. The satirist spoke to his co-moderator Olli Schulz a real plea for alignment as reported by the media magazine DWDL, among others.

Böhmermann already indicated his intentions in the last broadcast of “ZDF Magazin Royale” by declaring the music episode to be the “official application for the organization of the preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest”. “We’re doing it, we’re ready.”the 42-year-old underlined his plans.

Production of the ESC preliminary round – a question of “honor”

In the podcast, the entertainer asserted that he and the team from the company “UFE” would work to cover costs and referred to his radio dance orchestra and his “crew of young people who all love music.” The satirist emphasized: “I am speaking here as an entrepreneur.” In addition, he is “close to Spotify” if desired.

So far is NDR is responsible for the German broadcast of the ESC. Böhmermann explained in the podcast: “Before they give it away, before they throw it away and somehow give it to another broadcaster who does it even more carelessly: There has been a big fire burning for the Eurovision Song Contest here in Cologne Ehrenfeld for the original ten years.”

The last German preliminary decision was made by the Berlin television production company “bildergarten entertainment” produced.

Böhmermann emphasizes seriousness

The 42-year-old ended his fiery application speech with the words: “That was serious.”

The entertainer already knew that Böhmermann was enthusiastic about the Eurovision Song Contest proven at the last ESC.

Together with your podcast colleague Olli Schulz, the entertainer commented on the 67th ESC in Liverpool for the Austrian radio station FM4.

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