Eduardo Mendoza returns with a new novel, ‘Three enigmas for the Organization’, on January 24

The writer Eduardo Mendoza He will publish his new novel on January 24 ‘Three enigmas for the Organization’ (Seix Barral), a narrative “of intrigue and detection that adapts to the current characteristics of the genre”, without giving up the usual sense of humor of the Cervantes Prize.

“When I finished and published my last novel, I decided not to write fiction again. I thought there were already many. But it is not easy to abandon a habit acquired in childhood and it was easy to break a rule that I had imposed on myself.“said the author after the announcement.

Mendoza has pointed out that “the result of so much contradiction is this novel”, with which he has “had fun trying new paths.” “I hope that the fun reaches others and I would not dare to say that this collective story is mere entertainment“, noted the Catalan writer.

In ‘Three Enigmas for the Organization’, the author has “let” the characters speak “however they want.” “If they say something politically incorrect, it’s not my fault.“, Mendoza remarked.

Meanwhile, the editor of Seix Barral, Elena Ramírez, has recognized that this new work is “a party for the reader.” “Basing a detective novel on a secret organization lost in institutional bureaucracy and making a group of characters responsible for a dangerous investigation who separately are starving, but who together are invincible, is a combination as skillful as it is brilliant” , he remarked.

In ‘Three enigmas for the Organization’ members of a secret government organization face the very dangerous investigation of three cases that may or may not be related to each other: the appearance of a lifeless body in a hotel on Las Ramblas, the disappearance of a British millionaire on his yacht and the singular finances of Conservas Fernández.

Created in the midst of Franco’s regime and lost in the limbo of the institutional bureaucracy of the democratic system, the Organization survives with economic difficulties and within the limits of the law, with a small staff of heterogeneous, extravagant and ill-advised characters.

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