Every Valentine’s — celeb system comes into play, because the stars of the local and global swamp like to throw pretty dramatic bombs around the holiday that is all about love. This year it was Prince Harry and Megan Merkel who heralded a second pregnancy, and Paris Hilton who became engaged to her partner, Carter Raum. While she’s planning her grandiose wedding, news of the star’s first pregnancy surfaced yesterday (Tuesday) – and now she’s responding.

Page Six was the first to report that Paris Hilton (40) was pregnant for the first time, and Paris’ sister, Nicki Hilton, was quick to make it clear that this was a lie. This morning, in an interview with her podcast “This Is Paris”, Paris first responded to the rumors – and vehemently denied. “I’m not pregnant yet,” she reassured. “I’m waiting until after the wedding.”

In an intimate interview with The Times magazine about a year ago, Paris spoke candidly about her desire to have children and her hopes for the future. During the interview, she discovered that her close friend – Kim Kardashian, was the one who made her take action on the ground.

Kim underwent an egg freezing procedure, and her fourth child was born through a surrogate mother. “I had an amazing conversation with her about children. She introduced me to her doctor and because of her in the end I did it and froze my eggs,” Hilton revealed. “It’s the only way I can control it and not be under pressure for a wedding.”

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