Scott Disick and Emilia Hamlin became the most stable couple in the Kardashian family home, and after she went through all the initiation ceremonies – she unveiled her plastic surgeon. So what happened under the knife?

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Last November we told you (quite shockingly) that Scott Disick, then 37, started dating Amelia Hamlin, then only 19 years old. The father of three launched the new partnership at the Halloween party, which took place a few weeks after he had a three.year relationship with Sofia Richie, with whom he started dating when she was, very true – 19. Now the new partner was photographed visiting her plastic surgeon, and surfers had to check What she looked like before the last procedure.

We met the beautiful Emilia in her current block – with big and fleshy lips, a beautifully sculpted nose and long, full hair. The star was photographed in her story with her plastic surgeon (and all the Kardashian girls, ahem), and the network wondered what the star looked like before the surgeon’s knife touched her face. We had to check – and of course we have an answer.

Amelia Hamlin (Photo: instagram)
Hello to you. Amelia Hamlin | Photo: instagram

Comparing the photos of 15.year.old Amelia to 20.year.old Amelia, one can notice quite a few changes in the face of the beautiful Amelia: the star repaired her nose, which became disgusting and pointed compared to the nose she had at age 15. Amelia’s lips miraculously filled, and even Chin’s chin The star sharpened. After all, we’m dying for Emilia. With or without surgery.

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