Reality participant Trine Skjollander single again
Trine Skjollander, who is known from the program ‘Paradise’, has now become single again

Trine Skjollander is known from the program ‘Paradise Hotel’, where she has participated among others together with another of her ex-girlfriends Mathias Hjort. Photo: Mogens Flindt

It is with a heavy heart that former Paradise participant Trine Skjollander now has to unpack the single stilettos and put the duality on the shelf.

She and her boyfriend Stefan, with whom she lived, have recently separated, and therefore the past month’s time has been difficult. Besides having to say goodbye to a girlfriend, she has also had to find another place to live.

I moved my things and he helped me. Luckily I got my own apartment shortly after it happened.

Although the former paradiso will not elaborate on why the couple chose to break up, she says they are still on good terms with each other despite the breakup.

The couple met on New Year’s Eve last year and became lovers shortly after. They managed to be together for just under a year.

Must learn to be alone
Although these are tough times, Trine Skjollander does not miss the opportunity to also look at the bright side of the matter.

– I’m not the best at being alone. I like that security. So now I just have to learn to be myself. And then it’s spring and summer in a little while that I just have to enjoy with all my friends, she says.

There is one summer event in particular that the blonde beauty is looking forward to with great enthusiasm.

I just got a ticket to Skanderborg Festival, she laughs and goes on to say that she is looking forward to enjoying the experience with her friends.

No men
If you sit back after this news and hope to be able to offer the paradise babe out, now that she is free, you will probably be badly disappointed.

Trine Skjollander makes it clear that she now wants to take a break from love. She tells Ekstra Bladet when we ask her if there will be any new love in the near future.

No! No men, she says with a laugh.

But who knows, maybe she will bump into a new sweet guy for this year’s Skanderborg Festival. If not before.

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