Britney Spears’ Instagram page has long been a thing of the past in the internet space, and in the past week the star has taken a step up and shared two photos of herself without a bra. The last one – managed to confuse the surfers in particular

Britney Spears has been at the center of a stubborn struggle for the removal of her father’s guardianship in recent months. Tonight (Monday), Spears’ lawyer officially applied to the court to remove her father from custody, and in parallel with the application, Spears posted a picture on her Instagram page that managed to confuse the surfers.

Last Sunday Brittany shared a photo of herself without a bra and with tiny shorts, and managed to break the net. The photo garnered millions of likes and tens of thousands of comments, and yesterday Brittany decided to recreate the success – and posted another bold photo.

Spears shared another picture without a bra with the same shorts, only this time she hid her chest with two small dots she added to the picture. Britney uploaded the photo, deleted it, and uploaded it again, and managed to confuse fans with the deletions and recurring publications. What else made followers wonder? Spears’ disappearing belly button, removed from the image in what appears to be no small Photoshop leak. Britney, we’ll always love you, with or without Popik.

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