The son celebrated a birthday – Emrata posted nude photos
Emily Ratajkowski is one of the favorite models in the swamp, and since giving birth to her eldest son she has been melting us down with perfect posts. This week he celebrated his first birthday, and she celebrated it as requested – and posted nude photos of herself

Exactly one year ago, the beautiful supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski, gave birth to her first son when she was 29. Since the star has been sharing her exciting parenting life on her Instagram page, and yesterday (Wednesday), when her son celebrated his first birthday, she took the opportunity to post hot photos Of herself.

“Happy New Year’s Birthday / Happy Birthday to me / Happy Woman’s Day to all,” she wrote in a post, featuring several nude photos of herself from her first pregnancy. The beautiful model shared the pregnancy photos taken in full nudity while in the bath or on a chic sofa, and in the last photo she gave the followers candy in the form of a heart-melting photo of her baby son.

This is not the first time Emrata has shared nude photos from her photogenic pregnancy, and even just before she gave birth to her first son her Instagram page was filled with hot photos of her and her developing pregnant belly.

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