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The Organizing Committee of the Max Awards for the Performing Arts has announced this Thursday the finalists of the 20 competition categories of its XXIV edition- These awards, organized by the SGAE Foundation, seek to stimulate and reward the talent of professionals in Theater and Dance in Spain, in addition to promoting the shows of the season, according to their promoters-

In this edition, of the 439 shows registered, 191 were candidates, of which 38 shows have reached the last phase, bringing together a total of 66 finalists- The winners will be announced on October 4 at the gala to be held at the Arriaga Theater in Bilbao, with the collaboration of the Bilbao City Council, the Arriaga Theater in Bilbao and the INAEM-

In addition to the 20 categories in the competition, 3 special awards: the ‘Max Honor Award 2021’, awarded by the College of Great Law of the SGAE and unanimously to the actress Gemma Raven, the ‘Max Aficionado or Social Character Award’l, recognizing the work of more than 50 years of the amateur school of Teatro Estudio de San Sebastián, and the ‘Max Audience Award’, which will be awarded to the show that obtains the highest number of votes from the public through the online application ‘#VotaMax’

Throughout its 24 editions, the Max Awards for Performing Arts have established themselves as benchmarks in the sector- In its latest edition, held on September 7 at the Cervantes Theater in Malaga, coinciding with its 150th anniversary, 386 shows attended-

This year, after a first selection phase, designated by the three territorial juries (Madrid, Catalonia and Communities), a panel made up of the three presidents of the territorial juries, four personalities of the Performing Arts and a member of the Organizing Committee has been the one in charge of deciding the finalists of the 20 categories that compete in the XXIV edition of the Max Awards for Performing Arts-

Thus, the finalists in the category ‘Best theater show’ are ‘The bar that swallowed up all Spaniards’ by Centro Dramático Nacional (CDN -NAEM); ‘NISE, the tragedy of Inés Castro’ by Nao d’amores and ‘Prostitución’ by Check-in Producciones, SL and Teatro Español – Madrid Destino Cultura Turismo y Negocios, SA

In the category ‘Best dance show’ the nominees are ‘Around the World’ by Brodas Bros SL; ‘La Mort i la Donzella’ by Institut Valencià de Cultura and ‘Leira’ by Nova Galega de Danza, SL

Finalists for ‘Best musical or lyrical show’ are ‘With how well we were (Ferretería Esteban)’ by Nueve de Nueve Teatro; ‘Kutsidazu Bidea Ixabel Musikala’ by Demode Produkzioak and ‘Por los ojos’ by Raquel Meller de Tribueñe SL

In the ‘Best Street Show’ category, the nominees are ‘Glubs’ by Nacho Vilar Producciones, SL and Producciones Yllana, SL; ‘Psike’ by Markeliñe and ‘Symfeuny’ by Deabru Beltzak-

‘Best show for children, youth or families’ has as finalists: ‘The girl who dreamed of the Cross Border Project’; ‘Laika de Obsidiana, accompaniment’ by artists and Xirriquiteula Teatre, SL and ‘UniKo’ by Teatro Paraíso, SAL

The finalists in ‘Best Revelation Show’ are: ‘Antoine de beon’- Entertainment (Luan Comunicación, SL); ‘Chicas y Chicos’ by El Sol de York and ‘Los Remedios’ by La_Compañía exlímite-

In ‘Best theatrical authorship’, Alfredo Sanzol has been nominated for ‘The bar that swallowed up all the Spanish’; Anna Maria Ricart Codina for ‘Encara hi ha algú al bosc’ and Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs for ‘Robbery, beating and death in Agbanäspach’; while in ‘Best revelation authorship’ Antonio C- Guijosa competes for ‘Only one meter of distance’; Fernando Delgado Hierro for ‘Los Remedios’ and María Goiricelaya Burón for ‘El Patio de mi casa / Harri Orri Ar’-

In the category ‘Best adaptation or version of theatrical work’ are Álvaro Tato Ozaeta for ‘Andanzas y Entremeses’ by Juan Rana; Ana Zamora for ‘NISE, the tragedy of Inés Castro’ and Marc Artigau, Cristina Genebat and Julio Manrique for ‘Les tres germanes’ and ‘Best musical composition for a stage show’ has as finalists Clara Peya for ‘Suite TOC number 6’; Mariano Marín for ‘With how well we were’ (Ferretería Esteban) and Shuarma for ‘Antoine’-

In ‘Best Choreography’ the nominees are: Asun Noales for ‘La Mort i la Donzella’; Chloé Brûlé, Marco Vargas, Yinka Esi Graves and Gero Domínguez for ‘Los Cuerpos Celestes’; and Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa for ‘Giselle’-

‘Best production work’ has as finalists: Elena Carrascal, SLU, Marco Vargas & Chloé Brûlé for ‘Los Cuerpos Celestes’; Nueve de Nueve Teatro for ‘With how well we were’ (Ferretería Esteban) and TeatroLAB Madrid for ‘Gross Indecency’ (Grave Indecency)

Alfredo Sanzol competes for ‘Best stage direction’ for ‘The bar that swallowed up all the Spanish’; Ana Zamora for ‘NISE, the tragedy of Inés Castro’ and Nao Albet and Marcel Borrás for ‘Robbery, beating and death in Agbanäspach’-

In ‘Best design of a scenic space’ the following are nominated: Alejandro Andújar for ‘The bar that swallowed up all the Spanish’; Laura Clos for ‘Història d’un senglar’ (or something by Ricard) and Luis Crespo for ‘La Mort i la Donzella’-

Deborah Macías chose the category ‘Best Costume Design’ for ‘NISE, the tragedy of Inés Castro’; Hugo Pérez de la Pica for ‘By the eyes of Raquel Meller’ and Tatiana de Sarabia for ‘Andanzas y Entremeses de Juan Rana’-

As finalists for ‘Best lighting design’ are Jesús Díaz Cortés for ‘Puños de flour’, Juanjo Llorens for ‘La Mort i la Donzella’ and Luis Perdiguero for ‘El lago’-

They compete for the award for ‘Best Actress’ Carolina Yuste for ‘Prostitution’; Fernanda Orazi for ‘Happy Days’ or Mireia Aixalà for ‘Les tres germanes’; and in ‘Best Actor’, Daniel Grao for ‘The Turing Machine’, Francesco Carril for ‘The bar that swallowed up all Spaniards’ or Joan Carreras for ‘Història d’un senglar (or something by Ricard)’-

In the category ‘Best female dance performer’ there are Iratxe Ansa for ‘Naked’; Lucía Lacarra Gurruchaga for ‘Fordlandia’ and Melania Olcina for ‘Dosis de Paraíso’ and finally, in the category ‘Best male dance performer’, there are Daniel Abreu for ‘The son’; Iván Villar for ‘Leira’ and Jesús Carmona for ‘The jump’-

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