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Mads ‘Blærerøven’ Christensen has started a new life in Italy, where he has lived for the past seven months

Many can probably understand the feeling that after the corona closures, they have needed to take parts of their lives up for review.

Some intend to travel less, some have replaced the apartment in the city with the fresh country air, but for Mads ‘Blærerøven’ Christensen, more was needed.

In the latest episode of ‘Sara & Monopolet’, where Mads Christensen participates in the panel together with actor Peter Mygind and radio host Maria Fantino, he thus tells that he has chosen to move the tent poles up and move to Italy.

This happens when the monopoly under the leadership of host Sara Bro has to process an inquiry from a listener who has also moved to Italy, and who is now in doubt about whether she should move back to Denmark.

– I have not really said it to any public body, but I feel completely like Olivia (the listener, ed.). I also think that corona suffocated everything, and I had also been divorced and sat with a completely blank piece of paper and no work and thought that I had to start all over again with something, says Mads Christensen in the program and continues:

– The first word I wrote down was that it should be something with Italy. So I, like Olivia in all discretion, moved to Italy seven months ago and now have a nice little house down by Lake Como and commute from there. And like Olivia, I’m engrossed in all the beauty that Italy has. So I can easily get into that.

For many years, Mads Christensen was a fixture in 'Mads & Monopolet'. Since Mads Steffensen has moved to Podimo with the 'Mads & A-team', Mads Christensen has visited 'Sara & Monopolet' several times. Photo: Mogens Flindt
For many years, Mads Christensen was a fixture in ‘Mads & Monopolet’. Since Mads Steffensen has moved to Podimo with the ‘Mads & A-team’, Mads Christensen has visited ‘Sara & Monopolet’ several times. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Affected by the economy
As Mads Christensen tells in ‘Sara & Monopolet’, since the coronavirus made its entrance, he has both been affected by canceled jobs and been through a divorce from his wife of 20 years, Camilla Barner-Christensen, with whom he has three children.

He has previously told Ekstra Bladet that it took a toll on the economy, and that he therefore lived on his boat for a while.

– I’ve always been an idiot for it with money. I have not put anything aside. At the same time, it’s not cheap to go apart like my wife and I are. So right now I live very minimalist, which suits me just fine. It goes well with my loneliness and my self-hatred, Mads Christensen has previously said.

Ekstra Bladet has been in contact with Mads Christensen, who explains that he actually stays most of the time in Italy. In addition, he does not want to make detailed statements.

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