Gonzalo Giner publishes ‘Among friends’, a collective anecdote on what it means to be a veterinarian

Editorial Planeta has published ‘Between friends’ an anecdote about what it means to be a veterinarian written by Gonzalo Giner. The book is a personal work in which its author, a veterinarian by profession, gathers anecdotes about what it means to dedicate himself to such work and whose part of the author’s rights will be donated to an NGO dedicated to the animal world.

“So that many of your potential readers, who today enjoy a pet or take care of their animals on farms, recognize some of the behaviors that dot these pages and know how to better interpret what their four-legged companions are trying to tell them Giner explained.

The idea that the veterinarians themselves tell their experiences serves to know what their work is like in the clinics or in the field. “Thanks to the privileged vision that veterinarians have on the emotions, behaviors and health status of our beloved pets, as learned spectators that we are, we managed to understand them a little better than the rest of the population, and we know how to interpret their reactions more accurately and, together with them, the messages that they convey to us in their own way”, explained the author.

Together with their colleagues, dogs, cats, cows, donkeys, pigs, a lioness, and their respective owners, they are the other protagonists of this book written in a very colloquial language, close, and with very few scientific touches.

Gonzalo Giner has organized the text into six sections with subtitles to reflect what animals feel, suffer or think. “It is a humorous approach, sometimes from the absurd, of the type of relationship that animals and humans intend to have in our daily contact,” the author pointed out.

despite carrying 34 years working with animals, Giner still asks questions and raises doubts about them. The examples that appear in the book serve to develop some approaches that occur in the relationships between human beings and animals.

Giner also believes that in the relationship between animals and their owners, the latter are the ones who fail the most. “Humans are pretty useless when it comes to finding out what ails our animals or how long they’ve been in a particular pain“, explained the vet.

In conclusion, the writer and veterinarian from Madrid has underlined the importance of being responsible with pets and giving them everything they need to be happy. “Let’s not forget that to achieve their maximum degree of well-being, we must also respect their animal condition. Or, put another way, let them express their innate behaviors as a species. And that is not achieved by humanizing them, but on the contrary, we must provide them with a life more appropriate to what they are, “he indicated.

This is not the first book by Giner, who previously published ‘The horse healer’ (Editorial Planeta), ‘The rider of silence’ (2011), ‘Pact of loyalty’ (2014), ‘The windows of heaven’ (2017 ), and ‘La bruma verde’, a story of love and struggle in the heart of Africa with which he won the 2020 Fernando Lara Novel Award.

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