Nirvana’s Something in the Way has a thirty – year listening record, according to The Batman

Taken from the album Nevermindthe grunge band’s song has been one of the most streamed tracks in the United States since the film’s release.

A soundtrack sometimes gives a film its identity. For the dark universe of The Batmanthe Ballad Something in the Waylast track of the album Nevermindfits Robert Pattinson like a latex glove in Matt Reeves’ adaptation. “When I write, I listen to music. As I was writing the first act, I put Something In The Way, he says for Empire . This song promises a very different vision than recent Batman on the big screen, from Christian Bale to Ben Affleck. A vision inspired by a 1990s grunge icon. Rather than recasting Bruce Wayne as a playboy as seen before, this version shows the man who went through great tragedy and became a recluse.»

The marriage of The Batman and Nirvana is doing so well that the film’s enormous success at the North American box office is giving back – was it still necessary? – a boost to the glory of the grunge band and Kurt Cobain. Discreet in the trailer, more engaging in the film, the song Something in the Way experienced a resurgence of enthusiasm on the platforms. According to Spotify, the number of plays increased by 1200% in the week following the film’s release. The enthusiasm also benefits physical sales, since Nevermind appeared in ninth place of the best-selling CDs and vinyls on Amazon Music.

Unlike the essentials Smells Like Teen Spirit Where In Bloominveterate successes of Nevermind, Something in the Way was never released as a single, making it one of the least popular tracks on the album. Thirty years later, the trend has reversed.

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