Rihanna has long been more than just a singer, and among the titles she holds is the title “Queen of Style”. When she went out with her boyfriend for a night out in Miami with panty.length pants – we had to tell

There’s nothing we like to do more than rely on Rihanna and her breathtaking life. The 33.year.old star Slash singer has added dozens of titles in recent years, one of which is the undisputed fashionista of the world egg. When she went on a date with her new partner, ISP Rocky, we could not ignore the extreme look.

Riri and Isp were photographed at the end of a fiery outing in Miami at four in the morning. The hottest couple in the swamp walked hand in hand towards their car, which was waiting to pick them up back to the luxurious house where they were staying, and had a hard time ignoring the crazy look that Rihanna had knocked. The star walked in shorts on the edge of her panties, with a buttoned shirt from which an amazing glitter bra popped out – and looked, as expected, a million dollars.

Rihanna’s look reminded us of another star’s look, who was caught about a year ago walking in shorts on the street. Lady Gaga was photographed with a large pink sweatshirt in the middle of the street, with under her she did not wear much. Of course we also flew over Gaga’s look (to say the least), but there is no doubt muscular, the so.called, buried her.

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